Our Story

Our Story

At Cracked Cage Crafting Co. our statement defines us, we find strength in despair, we find beauty in tragedy, we find passion in disarray. Everything we experience in life has history, from a winding river to a young hatchling, it is this journey that makes it unique and allows it's charisma to flourish.

To understand our mindset, allow us to introduce ourselves; we are Eric and Nicole Lamont, a married couple located in Lakeshore, Ontario. Together we have two beautiful children, our son Carter, and daughter Lilah. Nicole and our Carter cope daily with anxiety and depression, and our daughter Lilah has a rare disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 (SMA); Lilah also has a g-tube, a tracheostomy, and is on a ventilator; because of this you may frequently see us raising awareness/funds for Cure SMA Canada and Anxiety Canada. Our path has certainly had its bumps along the way, and to say some have been difficult would be an understatement, but it was these challenges that led us to peer behind the veil and shed light into darkness.

We chose to start a business amid the global coronavirus pandemic; with job security not promised to complex special needs families like ours, we felt it was time to turn our dreams into reality. Together, day by day, we are building the Cracked Cage brand to support our family during such unprecedented times. You may be asking yourselves by now how we came up with our name, allow us to bring it all together for you…

In the summer of 2019 Eric had massive heart surgery to correct his dilatating ascending aorta, bicuspid valve, and large aneurysm on his aorta. He had the ROSS procedure done, in which they had to crack his rib cage open. This was how we came up with the name Cracked Cage to honour our wood worker Eric. The Crafting Co. part of the name isn’t as exciting, but was made to honour our crafty crafter Nicole, the one who holds it all together (and yes, I am the one writing this :’D). For our logo, we show you the sun rising over the mountains; this is to honour our families strength to rise above all of the twists and turns life has thrown our way. No matter the struggle, we will climb the mountain together and come up stronger.

Thank you for getting to know a little bit more as a whole, check back frequently as we are always updating our inventory with new creations!

If you wish to follow our story please follow our business page on Facebook (Cracked Cage Crafting Co) and Instagram (@crackedcagecraftingco.), and if you want even more you can follow our family page on Facebook (Hope for Lilah) Instagram (@hopeforlilah).